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Amsterdam in February - A1 sizsd

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- Amsterdam in February -

「Amsterdam in February」 is a painting about what Daan and I felt during our Europe trip. I am a woman, which is 음 Yin, and was born with the fate of a sun, which is 양 Yang. So for as who I am, I am 음양, Yin Yang. Daan is a man, which is 양 Yang, and was born with the fate of water, which is 음 Yin. So for who he is, he is 음양, Yin Yang. As people who have the opposite fates, we found meanings in every little thing we saw and experienced during the trip. I wanted to portray what we experienced such as how everything is connected, the harmonization of Yin Yang, and the circle of life. I wish everyone who sees this painting to be happy and relaxed, and I genuinely hoped this as I was drawing this piece. 

The sun in this painting represents me at the time, and it is full of stories about positive energy, pure eyes, and love and peace.

Sun is nurturing and as a person who was born as a sun, I kept on refusing the fact that I am a sun and I even suffered from it sometimes.

However, when I decided to accept and embrace my fate as the sun, and for the first time in my life, I felt I was glowing just like the sun in the painting. My dark and cloudy eyes were starting to brighten up as I set my mind to be happier. With these purer eyes, I saw so many beautiful things. So, the big and bright eyes and the lights from it portray my wish to show the world beautiful things. There are many elements of the trip in the painting, and I also put Korean words and phrases. If you zoom in, you can see ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘Om Mani Pedma Hum’ with the hope of spreading the mercy of Buddha in this world. There is also a phrase ‘Water has to abandon its river to reach the sea, and trees have to desert their flowers to bear fruits.’ This painting means not to obsess, to live in peace, to love, and if you keep on practicing compassion, one day you will become a bigger person. 

The hair is representing water and I wanted to express the circle of life with the water sucking into the sun and coming out of it. The heart in the mouth is my wish for the people who see this painting to speak only with love. In the hair, you can see some pixelation is printed, and it happened when Daan and I were sending files back and forth. I wanted to keep it as it is because I thought it was like a digital footprint in the digital world.

I was able to get rid of my dark side and felt like I was born brighter. It was before the war, and I felt the world was peaceful because I was peaceful. I hope the world can feel the positive energy with lots of love through our painting. 

- Suzani -

- Available from 19:00 EST on Wednesday 6th April -

- shipping start 4-7 days later -

*A1 size (
594 x 841 mm) / (23.3 x 33.1 in)

*Art Prints will be signed and numbered on each pieces. 

* Digital Painting printed on Matt Printing paper

*Free shipping. (Only this product.)
*Hand signed & numbered.
*Shipped in tube

*Frame not included


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Product Name Amsterdam in February - A1 sizsd
Price $150.00

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